Outline of MSW Syllabus

Masters in Social Work (MSW) is the professional course and it deals with the different clients like an Individual, Group and community and for that you need to have theory knowledge of Social Work Methods and practical knowledge of guiding the client.

Thus, MSW is designed in a blended manner of Theory and Practical with 40:60 ratio.

In theory classes, students will get to learn about various methods of social work like,

  1. Social Case Work
  2. Social Group Work
  3. Community Organization
  4. Social Work Research
  5. Social Welfare Administration
  6. Social Action

More to these, many psychology and mental health related subject are also included like,

  1. Psychopathology
  2. Human Growth and Behaviour

Apart from these, students will have varieties of knowledge about

  1. Human Resource and Industrial Relations
  2. Labour Legislation
  3. Family Social Work/welfare
  4. Youth Social Work/welfare
  5. Women Social Work/welfare
  6. Management of NGO’s/Vo’s

While in practical, students will be placed in field work at various settings like,

  1. Rural Field setting
  2. Urban Field Setting
  3. Hospital / Mental Health Institute
  4. GO/NGO/VO/Turst
  5. Corporate Sector (HR and IR)

Apart from these – yearly activities like,

  1. Rural Camp
  2. Study Tour
  3. Block Placement

Will be covered during the whole course.