Activities carried out during 2019 – 2020

  1. Visit to Ananddham Oldage Home, Pethapur
    • An interactive visit had been planned for the students of MIPLVP with old age people of Ananddham.
      Students had interacted with the people living there, understood the current condition of these people and created soothing environment by we feeling and some recreational activities.
    • Students have assessed the real situation by interacting with the people residing there. They have seen the situation as an empathetic way. Being as a Social work student, they have taken up a challenge for providing the awareness and counseling to the families who are thinking to put their parents in old age home.
  2. Field work in Tarapur and Alampur village
    • As a part of MSW course, students have to work in rural settings so that they can understand the real problems of rural people and how to deal with them. Interaction with the rural communities. Understand their perspectives about the society. To create group feelings among students.
    • Students got to know the real problems and situation of Rural settings. Cultivated certain skill sets of Interaction, communication, rapport building, programme planning and implementation, adjustment with the people, etc. Organized many important progrmmes like –
      • Rally on Cleanliness by using Kids as a resource
      • Guidance of WASH through a Skit play in Primary school
      • Interaction with different communities in both villages.
      • Celebration of Christmas festival in Aanganwadi.
      • Mapping of the both villages.
  3. Participated in 41st VIKRAM SARABHAI MEMORIAL LECTURE by Shri Amitabh Kant at AMA – Ahmedabad.
    • For enhancing the knowledge on the current situation in the country. The invaluable contribution of Vikaram Sarabhai for the Nation Development. Upgrading the knowledge on how India can achieve the 5 trillion Economy.
    • Students got the valuable knowledge about the activities which can improve Indian economy as well as how social work can be useful for the same by attending the lecture
  4. Rural Camp in Heartfulness – Adalaj
    • Rural camp is one of the essential part of MSW and it should be covered in the starting phase of MSW course so that students can get to know the idea how to live and adjust in the rural setting and environment. Four day Rural Camp was organized in Heartfulness organization – Adalaj. During these days various activities had been performed like
      • Briefing session of Rural community by Priti ma’am
      • Briefing session of Rural community by Priti ma’am.
      • Session on “Participatory Rural Apprisal (PRA) Techniques”.
      • Mapping of the village and Focused group discussion in Por village with the villagers.
      • Data Collection on the livelihood of Brick Maker in outer Uvarsad area.
      • Presentation of the mapping and Focus group discussion.
      • Campfire and Recreational Activities.
      • Daily meditation
    • Students got the clear idea what is rural and the characteristics of them. Students have come to know many issues of Rural settings while mapping and performing the Focus Group Discussion. Improvement in many skills like – Programme planning and execution, Rapport building, Interaction with all people, adjustment, group feelings. Realization of Each Individual’s strength and skill set by living in the group. Understood the condition of Brick maker community while interacting with them. Understood the meaning and importance of Meditation in day to day life.